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Starting Price: $99.99/m USD

Free Trial: Available

Estimated Number of Users: ~1000


ForecastRx brings together a lot of the information for the user, and does the calculations for expected inventory needed automatically, saving time and effort in ordering.

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Tim Grant

Insightful Accountant

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ForecastRx is unique in that it integrates with both QuickBooks and Amazon to provide a more accurate forecast of your inventory.

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Seller Zen Team

Seller Zen

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If you have many SKUs and need to better manage your cash (not to be tied up in slow-moving inventory), this tool will help you decide what orders to place.

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Paulina Masson


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  • Control Inventory
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Dashboard
  • Free Training Webinar
  • QuickBooks Integration