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Everything you need to automate + dominate. We're the only all-in-one sourcing software on the market.

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Amazon Market Research Solution

FBA Wizard Summary

Step 1 : Pick A Retailer
Pick A Retailer From Our Huge List, Select A Preset For Products You'd Like To Sell (E.G. Toys) and Hit 'Scan'!

FBA Wizard is powerful enough to scan through thousands and thousands of products very quickly, from a huge number of supported retailers from the UK, US & Canada.

When you signup today we'll GIVE YOU instant access to our directory of 650+ supported retailers so you can start finding products to sell within a few minutes from now!

Step 2 : Review Results
We Tell You All Of The Data Points Like Fees, Profit, ROI%, How Fast A Product Sells & Much More...

The beauty of having a software solution like FBA Wizard is that it's designed by a team who live and breathe selling on Amazon...

So we know exactly what data points you need to know to be able to pick the "winners" and to avoid the "losers" without needing hundreds of different tools to make it work.

You can see the profit, fees, store price, Amazon price and much more at a glance, and the information is super-accurate and up-to date... a HUGE time-saver!

Step 3 : Build Your Stack
Add Products You Want To Pursue To Your Own Private Stack In FBA Wizard & Then Purchase From the Retailer...

So, you've found tons of deals that can sell to build your revenues on Amazon... What's next?

In FBA Wizard you have your own private "stack" of products, which you can keep safe and review, and once happy can proceed to the retailer and purchase your inventory.

The best part of this is that if the product is a fast-seller, you can easily reference back to your stack and buy more of the same inventory to turbo-charge your business (for no extra effort!)

Algopix Summary

Help shoppers find your products by enhancing product data.
Identify any product based on keywords, product descriptions, or GTIN. No barcode? No problem. We can still identify products properly. Accurate product identification, in real time, makes it easier to handle large amounts of product at scale.

More than just pricing
In addition to price recommendations, get an overview of product pricing, including benchmark and tracking, market share data, and trendspotting. Make intelligent price decisions to drive sales based on comprehensive market data.

Enhanced catalog data
Key product information displayed, including demand per product and estimated weight and measurements. Attribute extraction allows for comprehensive catalog data, so users and search engines can find all the info they need, quick and easy.


Feature FBA Wizard Algopix
Free Browser Extension
Free Training Webinar
Store Search
Wholesale Search
Private Label Search
eBay Search
Book Search
Fee Calculator
Profitability Analysis
Product Research
Account Performance
Sales Tracker
Price Optimization
Pricing Management
Product Analysis
Product Feasibility Check


FBA Wizard
Starting Price £97/m GBP
Free Trial Available
Starting Price $34.99/m USD
Free Trial Available


This tool is mostly for retail arbitragers. It scans prices in multiple marketplaces online and finds flip deals for you.

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Paulina Masson


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We truly believe FBA Wizard Pro is the best all-round Amazon sourcing software there is at the moment.

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The Selling Guy

The Selling Guys

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Even though FBA Wizard has such useful features by a good price, it could have more plan options with different features depending on the needs of the user.

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Jordi Ordóñez


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The Algopix platform provides me with a starting point for product and market research that is vital for getting a general overview of product performance.

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Efran B.


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We were able to step up our eCommerce game because of the invaluable insights Algopix provided for us.

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Jay Precise


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This is the only product research tool you will find with information on Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Period.

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Jordi Ordóñez


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