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Import Dojo

Build your own brand. Learn how to build your own ecommerce empire, step by step.

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Amazon Market Research Solution

Import Dojo Summary

Find a rockstar product idea.
Own a piece of people's mind with 1 great product and build your brand on that

Produce, ship and import.
Learn how to professionally import from an expert who has been living in China for over 12 years. Ship to your home country with confidence.

Build your brand and sell, sell, sell.
Do more than selling on Amazon. Get your products and brand across as many sales channels as possible and build a brand in the process.

Algopix Summary

Help shoppers find your products by enhancing product data.
Identify any product based on keywords, product descriptions, or GTIN. No barcode? No problem. We can still identify products properly. Accurate product identification, in real time, makes it easier to handle large amounts of product at scale.

More than just pricing
In addition to price recommendations, get an overview of product pricing, including benchmark and tracking, market share data, and trendspotting. Make intelligent price decisions to drive sales based on comprehensive market data.

Enhanced catalog data
Key product information displayed, including demand per product and estimated weight and measurements. Attribute extraction allows for comprehensive catalog data, so users and search engines can find all the info they need, quick and easy.


Feature Import Dojo Algopix
Profitability Analysis
Product Research
Product Management
Product Sourcing
Product Feasibility Check
Importing Products
Brand Building Courses
Global Sourcing
Account Performance
Sales Tracker
Price Optimization
Pricing Management
Product Analysis


Import Dojo
Starting Price $169/ USD
Free Trial Unavailable
Starting Price $34.99/m USD
Free Trial Available


Trust us – we wish we had known about this before we started sourcing products from China!

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Tom Buckland

Amazon SEO Consultant

Image of Tom Buckland

If you are looking for someone trustable to help you in the (always) dangerous Asia sourcing job, I would go all in with this guys.

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Jordi Ordóñez

Image of Jordi Ordóñez

If you are an Amazon seller who wants to source products from China, could be the right option for you as it also coaches you through its courses.

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Fredrik Gronkvist

China Importal

Image of Fredrik Gronkvist

The Algopix platform provides me with a starting point for product and market research that is vital for getting a general overview of product performance.

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Efran B.


Image of Efran B.

We were able to step up our eCommerce game because of the invaluable insights Algopix provided for us.

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Jay Precise


Image of Jay Precise

This is the only product research tool you will find with information on Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Period.

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Jordi Ordóñez

Image of Jordi Ordóñez