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JoeLister is the easiest, fastest way to list and fulfill your Amazon inventory on eBay. Sit back and enjoy the future of multi-channel selling.

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Optimized Inventory Forecasting Solution. Purchase the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.

JoeLister Summary

JoeLister manages all the complexity of multi-channel selling, so you don't have to. We guarantee it.

List in One Click
Joe automatically populates your eBay listings with images, descriptions, and product info. Publish hundreds of listings in just one click.

Quantity Sync
Joe will always keep your item quantities in sync between Amazon and eBay. You'll never double-sell an item again.

Automatic Fulfillment
When your items sell on eBay and the payment is received, Joe automatically passes the order to Amazon for shipping. Joe also uploads tracking numbers to eBay.

Obsessive Support
Have a question, problem, or request? Reach us anytime by phone or email. We're constantly integrating your feedback.

ForecastRx Summary

Why Choose ForecastRx?
Do you need better control over your inventory?

Want to decrease lost sales due to stock-outs while simultaneously avoiding the expenses associated with being woefully overstocked?

Need an inventory forecasting seller tool that analyzes your previous sales data, seamlessly incorporates every variable of your re-ordering process, and predicts precise future purchase order quantities?

We Have the Solution.
ForecastRx enables you to avoid lost sales & enhance stock order performance by employing multiple proven forecasting algorithms that analyze your sales history, identify trends, and recognize seasonality to predict future sales demand, which is then turned into actionable reorder quantities.


Feature JoeLister ForecastRx
Control Inventory
Inventory Monitoring
Listings Scout
Shipping and Logistics Management
Custom Listing Template
Amazon to eBay Syncing
Order Fulfillment
Automated Listing
Data Analytics
Inventory Dashboard
Inventory Management
Business Dashboard
Free Training Webinar
QuickBooks Integration


Starting Price $29/m USD
Free Trial Available
Starting Price $99.99/m USD
Free Trial Available


He said the software links his Amazon and eBay accounts, which opens a whole new marketplace without much work on his part.

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Alexandra Urrea


Image of Alexandra Urrea

If you’re looking for an Amazon to eBay lister service that can automatically populate your eBay listings with images and product information, look no further than JoeLister.

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Amazon Seller Tools

AMZ Finder

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I’ve been using JoeLister for a few months now, and I’ve enjoyed the boost in sales I’ve received from having extra eyes viewing my inventory.

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Stephen Smotherman

Full-Time FBA

Image of Stephen Smotherman

ForecastRx brings together a lot of the information for the user, and does the calculations for expected inventory needed automatically, saving time and effort in ordering.

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Tim Grant

Insightful Accountant

Image of Tim Grant

ForecastRx is unique in that it integrates with both QuickBooks and Amazon to provide a more accurate forecast of your inventory.

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Seller Zen Team

Seller Zen

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If you have many SKUs and need to better manage your cash (not to be tied up in slow-moving inventory), this tool will help you decide what orders to place.

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Paulina Masson


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