PPC Entourage vs River Cleaner

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PPC Entourage

The Ultimate Way to Easily Optimize All of Your Sponsored Products Campaigns in Minutes!

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River Cleaner

Amazon Keyword Tool for SEO and Accurate Search Volume.

PPC Entourage Summary

Save Time
Our Amazon seller software lets you set the rules while the system does the heavy lifting. Use as much (or as little) automation as you’d like to control bid price, remove search terms that are draining your ad spend, and much more.

Save Money
Our system will quickly highlight the areas negatively impacting the performance of your campaigns, and allow you to optimize them with the click of a button. No more spreadsheets or headaches – just an easily obtainable lower ACoS.

Make More Money
Our educational resources lay it all out for you – the exact steps to take to start scaling your Sponsored Products, and in turn, your Amazon business. And with Power PPC, finding the hidden gems and golden nuggets that can take your ads to the next level has never been easier.

River Cleaner Summary

Amazon Listing Optimization Without Leaving Seller Central

River Cleaner uses machine learning technology to study millions of Amazon data points
and gives you an insight on what's working best and what needs to be fixed.

Non-relevant keywords spell trouble and can result in lost of traffic and sales. This intelligent tool quickly discovers which merchant words are not indexed.

Track your keywords position in the search result and those of your competition so you can take action before your listing end up at page 10 where no one will see it.

Simply enter your chosen sale price and product cost to instantly calculate how much profit you’ll make once the FBA fees have been deducted. The perfect way to quickly check sale price vs profit.

Keep Amazon listing 100% sweet with our Terms of Service compliance check. The fastest way to guarantee that your listings do not face a possible violation.

Discover hundreds of valuable long tail keywords that you’ve missed. Reveal their real data like search volume and relevance prcentage.

Drag and drop your buyer’s name over an image to create a highly personalized email that gets noticed. Get notified on negative feedback, negative reviews, hijackers and suppressed listings.

Our smart audit tool helps you quickly format all the important fields. All the while, guiding and warning you of any forbidden words or characters.

It’s a fact: In 2016 70% of all Amazon holiday traffic came direct from smartphones and tablets. Instantly preview your product pages as they’d appear on mobile devices.


Feature PPC Entourage River Cleaner
Keyword Optimization
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Research Tool
Listing Optimization
A/B Testing
Backend Search Terms Optimization
Advanced Reporting Metrics
Automated Negative Optimizations
Automated Daily Bid Adjustments
Organic vs PPC Comparison
Longtail Keyword Search
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Management
Listing Optimization
Profit Tracking
Custom Email Designer
Mobile Preview
TOS Compliance Check
Reverse ASIN


PPC Entourage
Starting Price $47/m USD
Free Trial Available
River Cleaner
Starting Price $24/m USD
Free Trial Available


The great thing about PPC Entourage is they do not just give you the tools. They also give you a really solid strategy to follow that will see you get the most out of their tools.

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Tom Buckland

Amazon SEO Consultant

Image of Tom Buckland

Even if it doesn’t offer everything I’d like, it’s certainly “good enough” for me to get started with and better than relying exclusively on Excel.

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Dax Deegan


Image of Dax Deegan

For me, the new Auto features truly take PPC EN to another level.

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Trust Pilot

Image of Lance

It works directly inside your Seller Central, so you don’t need to go to a third party software and back and forth.

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Augustas Kligys

Orange Klik

Image of Augustas Kligys

The price is high for the value provided, but if you usually struggle with creating efficient and optimized listings, this tool is for you.

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Paulina Masson


Image of Paulina Masson

You can add all keywords with a click of button. River Cleaner just makes creating and optimizing your listing much easier and will save you a lot of time.

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Web Retailer

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