RestockPro vs Skubana

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Manage your inventory, determine what to order (and when to order it!), manage FBA purchase orders and much more with RestockPro.

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Multi-Channel Inventory Management and ERP Software.

RestockPro Summary

RestockPro is a cloud-based inventory management tool designed to help Amazon merchants save time when tracking inventory and shipments. Whether you’re an FBA seller or manually fulfilling orders from your own warehouse, RestockPro lets you ditch the spreadsheets to focus on your ROI and supplier relationships.

Track all inventory data, forecast sales, make stocking decisions, streamline your operations and more with RestockPro’s powerful dashboard. RestockPro helps you manage all aspects of shipment prep, from creating the purchase order to printing the appropriate stickers and labels. The Kitting Optimizer makes it easy to create kits or bundles based on your current inventory.

Skubana Summary

Trusted by more top sellers than any other platform on earth, Skubana acts as the central nervous system of your operations. It unifies all the tools you need to run your business, automates all repetitive tasks, and even thinks for you about profitability, forecasting, and demand planning. On top of it all, it allows for unlimited extension of possibilities through an App store ecosystem.


Feature RestockPro Skubana
Inventory Monitoring
Order Management
Shipping and Logistics Management
Inventory Management
Profit Tracking
Inventory Forecast
Restock Alert
Kitting Optimizer
Control Inventory
Order Statistics
Multi-Channel Inventory Sync
Automated Ordering


Starting Price $99.99/m USD
Free Trial Available
Starting Price $999/m USD
Free Trial Unavailable


It gives you suggestions how many units to reorder and how soon. It also shows you how many you already have in manufacturing or on the way.

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Paulina Masson


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This is an amazing product with a revolutionary way of keeping track of margin and qty unlike any other inventory management system we have ever seen.

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Web Retailer

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It is worth noting that this particular app only works with FBA data. Nevertheless, it has smart inventory tools that help you track sales velocity, expected margins...

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Amazon Seller Tools

AMZ Finder

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They have orderbots that implement automatic rules you make for your inventory and shipping.

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Erick Valencia

Web Retailer

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I find it works verrrry slowly, it looks like they generate reports upon request, so it may take a long time if you’re a big seller.

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Paulina Masson


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This software is also great because of its ability to track and manage inventory levels in each warehouse.

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Anthony T.

G2 Crowd

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