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Discover profitable keywords and products right on Amazon.

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Amazon Market Research Solution

Scope Summary

Improve Your Paid and Organic Search Rankings
More traffic means more sales
Find high-traffic keywords to improve your Amazon search position. Scope shows you the highest ranking keywords for a product.

Uncover Hidden Gems
Do a reverse ASIN lookup and see what’s driving your competitor’s sales
Export a product’s keyword search volume, average CPC bid, estimated sales per keyword and more to supercharge your listings and sell more.

Identify a New Product
Understand your potential profits for a new product
Get price, fee and sales estimates for any product on Use categories, reviews, price, star rating, the number of sellers and sales rank to narrow down your search to find the perfect product.

Research with Confidence
Track the search rank performance of any keyword or product
Use Scope to save keywords and products to a custom list for tracking. Export your findings to a .CSV file for further analysis.

Algopix Summary

Help shoppers find your products by enhancing product data.
Identify any product based on keywords, product descriptions, or GTIN. No barcode? No problem. We can still identify products properly. Accurate product identification, in real time, makes it easier to handle large amounts of product at scale.

More than just pricing
In addition to price recommendations, get an overview of product pricing, including benchmark and tracking, market share data, and trendspotting. Make intelligent price decisions to drive sales based on comprehensive market data.

Enhanced catalog data
Key product information displayed, including demand per product and estimated weight and measurements. Attribute extraction allows for comprehensive catalog data, so users and search engines can find all the info they need, quick and easy.


Feature Scope Algopix
Product Research
Identify Top Keywords
Keyword Research
Listing Optimization
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Optimization
Profit Tracking
Listing Tracker
Profitability Analysis
Account Performance
Sales Tracker
Price Optimization
Pricing Management
Product Analysis
Product Feasibility Check


Starting Price $32.50/m USD
Free Trial Unavailable
Starting Price $34.99/m USD
Free Trial Available


Even better, Scope has a free limited version with enough power to help new Amazon sellers do meaningful research for free.

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Krista Fabregas

Fit Small Business

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Scope also shows you niches that can offer a high profit margin with limited competition.

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John Lincoln


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Comparing to Keyword Inspector, where you have to pay for individual ASIN reverse lookups and not being able to tell which keywords are the best, this tool is fantastic.

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Paulina Masson


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The Algopix platform provides me with a starting point for product and market research that is vital for getting a general overview of product performance.

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Efran B.


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We were able to step up our eCommerce game because of the invaluable insights Algopix provided for us.

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Jay Precise


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This is the only product research tool you will find with information on Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Period.

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Jordi Ordóñez

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