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The world's most accurate profit analytics for amazon sellers. Profit in real time. Inventory management. Autoresponder.

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Profit Whales

Profit Whales fully automates Amazon PPC management for Third-party Sellers and Brands on Amazon Marketplace in One Click with the help of custom-built algorithms and Data Science.

sellerboard Summary

Live Dashboard
Display detailed information about Amazon fees (e.g. FBA fee, commissions), PPC spend, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs (e.g. Virtual Assistant, Prep Center). You can also view by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) and by product.

Configurable Charts
Our flexible charts enable quick and convenient analysis of your Key Performance Indicators. Everything is customizable: KPI's (e.g., sales, units, profit, return costs, etc.), time frame and granularity of the output (e.g., last year by month, last month by day). The view can be filtered by marketplace or product (with multi-selection). See summary information or drill down into the product list by every period and into product details.

Profit and Loss View
It’s a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period. Customize the time frame and granularity of the date (e.g., last year by month, last month by day), filter by marketplaces or products and view products sold in any selected period. Accurate business intelligence for amazon sellers!

Profit Whales Summary

Strategy based algorithm
We designed five Amazon FBA advertising goals that you can choose. Every strategy will adjust the algorithm to reach your desired results. You can change the goal as your business evolves. Just select the right strategy and press START. That’s all you need to automate your whole Pay Per Click Advertising on Amazon.

See the changes it performs
You have to make yourself comfortable, sit, and enjoy changes that the software performed. We created the Amazon Ads Changes Reporting tool that shows you everything that was made by the algorithm and why it did it. You see, for what you pay, it’s soothing, right?

Access a lot more data
We’re obsessed with data, and we guess you too, so we developed the Amazon Analytics Tool, so you can see your business metrics at a glance and make more profitable decisions. Twenty-three metrics will help you understand your business from a different perspective of view.

Find the best hours for your Ads
Day-parting tool will allow you to see what time of the day your campaigns is out of budget, what hours and days drive most of the daily sales so that you can set up your PPC campaigns to catch up more eyeballs during peak hours.” Fact! 70% of the sales on Amazon happened from 7 am to 8 pm.”


Feature sellerboard Profit Whales
Profitability Analysis
Free Browser Extension
Custom Reports
Profit Tracking
Profit Dashboard
Configurable Charts
Restock Alert
Automatic Responder
Expense Monitoring
PPC Manager
Advertising Optimization
Advanced Reporting Metrics
Business Dashboard
PPC Automation
Day-parting Tool


Starting Price $19/m USD
Free Trial Available
Profit Whales
Starting Price $69/m USD
Free Trial Available


Provides all the information you may need to understand your profits.

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Web Retailer

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Amazing app. Using it since first beta test. It was changed in many ways during test and now it is working perfectly!

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Andrey Pavlov


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sellerboard is an amazing tool to track different alerts and information of your Amazon account

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Jordi Ordóñez

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I have to say this is the best and most complete software I’ve had my hands on since I started selling on Amazon.

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Jordi Ordóñez

Image of Jordi Ordóñez

What I liked most about the Profit Whales is that it points out the mistakes accurately so that you don’t miss even by an inch.

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Image of Shubs

They have taken the fear of selling on Amazon away. Straight forward and clear instructions!

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Steven Gregoire


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