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The Phifer Group

Language Services Re-Defined by the sharpest, native-speaking minds in the industry.

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YLT Translation

YLT Translations offers product listing translations for six countries: European Amazon marketplace includes five countries (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France).

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The Phifer Group Summary

Streamlined Service You Can Trust
We’re a collective of freelancers with similar and complementary skills.
We support each other in brainstorming, information sharing, and subcontracting when necessary.

Translation & Transcreation
7 language pairs with specialization in marketing, product listings and legal.

Our Native Speakers know just the right words and phrases to inspire trust and a real human connection to brands.

Crafted by well-seasoned linguists and wordsmiths, our copy will convert where it counts.

Editing & Proofreading
Professional and thorough, you can rely on our sharp eyes for all your editorial and proofreading needs.

YLT Translation Summary

At YLT translations we’re dedicated to one thing- providing you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations, that make more sales.

We are the ONLY agency on the market which is offering Listing Optimization for all internationals markets, in all languages out there – keep those listings updated!

We take care of every process that delivers you a listing in your chosen foreign market – European (German, Spanish, Italian or French), Turkish or Japanese market. This includes:

- Translation of your listing
- Foreign language sales copy
- Foreign Language Keyword Research
- If you’re looking to expand into new markets and maximise the earning potential of your current -
- Amazon listing, then all these 3 processes are critical.

If you don’t have a quality translation – you lose sales
If you don’t have sales focused copy- you lose sales
If you don’t have quality foreign keyword research – you lose sales
It’s that simple.


Feature The Phifer Group YLT Translation
SEO Optimized Copywriting
Enhanced Brand Content
Listing Optimization
Amazon SEO
Listing Proofreading
Listing Localization
Listing Transcreation
Listing Translation
International Expansion
Listing Translation
Listing Optimization
Keyword Research Tool
Website Translation
Brand Store Translation
Packaging Translation
Ads Translation
Brand Content Pages Translation
Q&A Translation
Follow-up E-mail Translation


The Phifer Group
Starting Price €50/ EUR
Free Trial Unavailable
YLT Translation
Starting Price €90/ EUR
Free Trial Unavailable


The Phifer Group are experienced in the world of online marketing language, so much so that they can provide specialist copywriting services that meet complex SEO requirements...

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Tom Buckland

Amazon SEO Consultant

Image of Tom Buckland

I highly recommend Phifer Group. Professional folks who know what they're doing.

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Image of Aaryan

The translations were accurate and successful for our business.

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Image of Karl

What was really great, is that after uploading our Spanish listings, we have already received some sales and we have never been out there on the Spanish market before.

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Web Retailer

Image of Amazon_Seller

Apart from listing translations and localization for all European, Mexican and Japanese markets, they also offer all sorts of other translations.

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Augustas Kligys

Orange Klik

Image of Augustas Kligys

Best thing about this service is that they specialize in Amazon listing translations, which means they can do a better job than regular translator would

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Paulina Masson


Image of Paulina Masson